Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mortality Manager Version 001

Version 001

I have made a very early first version of the Mortality Manager application.


This includes the following features:
  • Select and import mortality tables from SoA site
  • Store sets of tables locally in JSON format
  • Ability to manage a local set of tables
  • Ability to display rates and metadata in Excel
  • Ability to compare versions of rates
  • Ability to generate mortality functions: lx, dx, ex
  • UDFs to load qx, lx, dx, ex
This is provided in an Excel file in bitbucket at:

Setting up Version 001

The spreadsheet includes full instructions for setting up Excel to use FCell and the libraries created for this application. These libraries are included in a zip on bitbucket at:

Once you have followed the set up instructions, you will see a new Mort Ribbon:

If you run the function Wizard you will see an additional category (MortMgrUdf.Mort):

Future enhancements

I have a lot of ideas for adding further features to this application and list some of these below:
  1. Generate new rates based on existing rates
  2. Edit existing rates
  3. Import rates from other sources
  4. Generate monthly rates
  5. Generate monthly mortality functions
  6. Generate Commutation Factors
  7. Generate Present Values Factors
  8. Model mortality improvements
  9. Model mortality stochastically
  10. Generate cashflow projections of mortality decrements
 Any comments on usefulness of these enhancements or any other suggestions are very welcome!

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